Orient 8   coaching & support

Are you looking for

career orientation advice?




  • thinking of changing your career?
  • looking into a new direction?
  • reentering the workforce?
  • considering your own business in The Netherlands?
  • career orientation, needs analysis?

Presenting yourself &

job search advice?




  • do it the Dutch way?
  • support on cover letter, CV, LinkedIn profile?
  • extra advice on job hunting?
  • elevator pitch and other strategies?
  • job search advice?

Are you looking for expat partner support? 


before - while on - after your posting abroad

  • intercultural support? culture shock or a reverse culture shock?
  • is everything organised for the expat, while you as a partner need to figure out yourself?
  • when the expat and family have settled in, is it time for you: "what about me?"
  • enjoying your new quality of life, experiencing new cultures?
  • follow your drive by making a contribution?
  • would you like to continue your career or find professional alternatives?


I would be happy to assist you in figuring out what drives you and what you are passionate about!




General & practical support 


please, feel free to contact me for all sorts of (practical) expat related questions:


  • relocation, furnishing, school choice,  paperwork to arrange, public transport, language lessons
  • social integration, customs, networking, reverse culture shock
  • language support - learning Dutch
  • any other questions you may have!




It's my passion with Orient 8, to guide people to a new professional future!  





#31(0)6 30208595



  •   Gouda & at location 
  •   1-1 meeting 
  •   Skype or Teams online meeting